Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Will Not See by Chautona Hauvig with Giveaway

Not everything is as it seems.

When Vikki Jeffries wakes up in a Rockland hotel with no idea of who she is and why she can’t remember… well, anything, the Rockland medical community begins to take a closer look at what may have happened to cause a second case of inexplicable amnesia.
But for Vikki, this is more than a medical anomaly–it’s her life.  What is she doing in Rockland, thousands of miles away from her home in Apache Junction, Arizona?  Who is she?  Why is no one looking for her?  Or are they?

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Meet the Author:
Author of the Amazon bestselling Aggie and Past Forward Series, Chautona Havig lives and writes in California’s Mojave Desert. With dozens of books to her name, Chautona spends most of her time writing, but when she takes the rare break, she can be found reading, sewing, paper crafting, or sleeping and dreaming of finishing the dozens of books swirling in her overly-active imagination at any given moment.
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My Take:
After reading book one in this series, I was excited to get to check out this, the second book. Although, a stand alone in its own right, the book will certainly have more meaning if you read the books in order.

The first book is about Ella Weeks, who woke up one morning with amnesia, not knowing who she was or where. It took a while for her to adjust to her family and figure out her life. In this book, Victoria Jeffries wakes up in a hotel room with no knowledge  of who she is or where she came from, or even why she is there. She happens to be in the same town as Ella, hence the two establish a friendship with help of Ella's psychiatrist. Eventually, Victoria decides to go home to Arizona, but upon arriving there, finds out her life is not a bed of roses. What kind of life did she have before developing this bout of amnesia.

I enjoyed the mystery surrounding Vickie. While Ella's story was more about re-connecting with her family, Vickie's is more suspenseful and mysterious. Finding out about her past may involve a little danger, and does she really want to know what''s in her past?

Although the story was interesting enough to keep me reading, I didn't really enjoy the slang like language, possibly because that isn't the way I talk, so I had a hard time relating. There were parts of the book that felt a bit choppy, the author breaks off the sentences quite often while the person is speaking, and at times I had to go back and re-read that part to really get it. However the story itself was appealing. 

I would recommend that you read both books in this series to really get the whole picture. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Celebrate Lit Blogger Community and the Author. All opinions are my own and I was not asked to review positively. 

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  1. Thank you for reviewing! I'm sorry you found it confusing, but I'm dying to write the next one. Unveiling bits and pieces is so hard when you just want to lay it all out there!

    1. NO worries Chautona, it didn't mean I didn't enjoy the story itself. It was likely just me... :-) I am looking forward to seeing how the series ends.

  2. I've read the 1st book, and had wondered if Ella had "faked" her amnesia...very intriguing story line--definitely interested in reading Vickie's story. I have met one person in my life who suffered from amnesia--very interesting lady!

    1. Yes, it does seem quite unbelievable... although I am sure the brain can do things like that, but I have wondered myself. :-)

  3. Awesome book. I didn't get a chance to read the first one yet, but this one seemed that it could be a stand alone anyway.

    1. I agree, but it does make a little more sense along-side with the first one when Ella is part of the plot.
      Thanks for stopping by

  4. Just found out I'm going to probably be in the car for 20+ hours in 3 days next week, so I'm trying to wait for the uninterrupted time... but thank you for reviewing for Chautona!!

    1. Hope you get a chance to spend some car ride time reading :-)

  5. Thanks forr reviewing...

  6. I really enjoyed this book, and couldn't put it down!


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