Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Suspenseful Thought Provoking Read

Will a powerful drug created to heal be twisted for evil purposes? Jon Randall, a molecular biologist, has been highly honored by his employer for developing the experimental drug, SV-136, which has proven effective in treating Alzheimer’s disease. Charles Lanier, an envious co-worker, reasons that if the drug works so well with Alzheimer’s patients, perhaps it will give him the boost in intelligence he needs to better compete with his rival. Going against his training, ethics and conscience, he self-injects. 
The intelligence-high Lanier experiences is far beyond his wildest dreams, but leads to consequences exceeding his worst nightmares, putting his and Randall’s life in grave danger. 

Will faith in and obedience to the Lord be enough to defeat the threat of a new evil being unleashed upon the world that would surpass meth and cocaine?

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Meet the Author:
R.D. "Rick" Sadok and his wife, Kristine, live in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. After retireing from his career as a chemical engineer, Mr. Sadok is now pursuing the vocation of his dreams: writing novels from a Christian world view. 

My Take:
Wow! This book was a pretty incredible read! Imagine a drug that can cure Alzheimers. I found that intriguing, since I have had family members who have suffered from the dreaded disease. But what if that drug could make normal people even smarter? Would that be something to be celebrated, or something that could be potentially dangerous?

Well, the human race will always have a choice between the high road and the road that leads to deprivation. There were those in the book who chose to take the high road, and then... those who chose the bad end of the stick. The pages of this book will take you on a mission to keep this drug from falling into the wrong hands, with many lives at stake.

What I liked most about this book, was probably the faith aspect. Several of the characters really lived out their faith, in spite of dealing with some pretty tough situations. It was a really encouraging portrayal that faith can help us overcome, and that God does impress thoughts on our hearts, and is always with us no matter what we are going through. I also enjoyed the mystery and suspense that kept me reading and enjoying the book. There were quite a few twists and turns and about the time you thought the story was wrapped up, something new would take place. 

I guess the thing I liked least about the book was the cover. Personally, I would not purchase the book because the cover doesn't have appeal. So if you're like me, and see book appeal based on cover art, overlook it and give this book a try.  There were a couple of characters, that could really get your blood boiling, though. 

Heads up on some pretty graphic material in the book, including a rape, some talk of pornographic and sexual content - where women are abused. These things are not described explicitly, but enough that I would not recommend it for a young audience. My son (age 12), actually thought the book sounded interesting. Since he is into super heroes and book lover, this book held certain appeal. But after reading the book myself, I have decided that some of the content is just too mature for him. He will have to pass on this one. 

I received this book courtesy of the author to read. I was not asked or required to review positively. All opinions are my own.

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