Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Fast Paced and Action Packed

Someone wants accountant Rebecca Linn—the granddaughter of a federal judge—dead, and it’s Deputy US Marshal Kurt Brock’s duty to figure out why and protect her. But her powerful family insists Kurt keep his relationship with Rebecca strictly professional…no matter how much he’s drawn to the feisty, fast-thinking beauty. Rebecca is sure the suspicious evidence she uncovered in her latest auditing case has put a target on her back. But staying ahead of those out to silence her is bringing her dangerously close to Kurt—and putting both their careers on the line. With the attacker closing in, can Rebecca and Kurt survive long enough to reveal the would-be killer’s secrets?

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My Take:
This is a fairly short, adventure packed novel with plenty of excitement and lots of twists and turns. I enjoyed it, and although I was pretty sure from the beginning I knew where the story was headed, there was still plenty I did not figure out immediately.  There were parts where the action was never ending and honestly, I was thinking, "Wow! Could all that really happen in a couple of days?" It was almost unbelievable. Of course, likely, it was longer than that, and since I was caught up in the story, it seemed like just a short amount of time.

I enjoyed the faith interspersed throughout the story and also the underlying romance was above par and clean. I have not read many from the Love Inspired Series, so this was a bit new for me. And Heather was also a new author. If you are looking for fast paced, suspenseful, action packed, romance and mystery, I would certainly recommend this book! 

Thank you Heather Woodhaven for sharing a copy of your book with me, with no strings attached. I was not asked or required to review this book positively. 

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