Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year and My 2018 Word

A new year...
Time to reflect... 
Time to plan...
Time to move forward...

For my One Word this year, I chose 
I had considered so many choices of words, but it kept coming back to this...

No matter what I do... if not done in the context of LOVE... it is pointless and worth nothing. (I Cor. 13)

So my goal for the year... to love
  • God above of all
  • Family
  • Friends

but it doesn't end there.... 
I need to love all people and do all things in love

I looked back at my  GOALS for last year.

  • Devoting more time to concentrated prayer
  • Eating Healthier
  • Improving my organizational skills
  • Working on improving/expanding my sewing business
  • Focusing on celebrating a specific day of rest (Sabbath) to tune in to God and family

Some of these goals I did a better job at making progress than others. Here's an overview of how I did... 
  • Prayer is always something I have to work on. Prayer is hard work!! I have a hard time staying on track, focused, and diligent in setting aside time to pray. Oh, I pray, often and frequently throughout the day, but that intense focused prayer time often alludes me.
  • I didn't do too badly on the healthy eating plan, I had even lost a little weight, but I certainly over did it through the holidays, so back to the grind of watching what I eat.
  • My organizational skills are still lacking. I am not a bad organizer, but I am quite lousy at maintaining the organization. I have to admit, I can be a bit "messy" at times. 
  • I did quite well with my sewing business this year, and feel like it is expanding.  
  • The Sabbath focus was a whole lot more difficult than I anticipated, and I haven't yet mastered the art of rest, but am improving. 

Another goal was cutting back on books... 
Oh my... 
That one did not go as well as I would have liked... 
I'm a bit of a book hoarder... 
I really enjoy reading.
So, I am still working on that plan.

This year I would like to review books that I am pretty certain I will enjoy or will be beneficial in growing my spiritual self. I will attempt not to request more than I can actually take on without disrupting the rhythm of life. And when I see that I am becoming overloaded, I will cut back until I can safely say I am in control again instead of being controlled by the demand. 

I don't know what this new year has in store, but I can't wait to see what God has planned!

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