Thursday, January 4, 2018

Someone's Been Kidnapped

This is so embarrassing. Andi's teacher, Miss Hall, is sick--and Mother is the substitute teacher. What will Andi's friends think?

But it turns out embarrassment is the last thing Andi needs to worry about when two outlaws kidnap Andi and her mother after school in a case of mistaken identity! They can't even tell the kidnappers a mistake has been made without putting themselves in even more danger.

Now they're being held in a remote cabin until Mother can teach the man in charge how to read--and he's willing to go to any length to make it happen. Andi must escape and find help. But can she lead a rescue party back to Mother before the outlaws take their new teacher--and disappear forever?

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Meet Susan Marlow:
Susan K. Marlow is always on the lookout for a new story, whether she’s writing books, teaching writing workshops, or sharing what she’s learned as a homeschooling mom. The author of the Circle C Adventures series and the Circle C Beginnings series, Susan enjoys relaxing on her fourteen-acre homestead in the great state of Washington.

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My Take:

Circle C is such a fun series for young girls. My daughter and I have read four of them now. This one by far, for me was probably one of the most exciting. Maybe it is my love for mystery. 

Andi is not really happy that her mother is going to be the new substitute teacher. But just as things start looking up... her and her mother get kidnapped. A case of mistaken identity, but why would someone want to kidnap the school teacher? Interestingly enough, this is based a little on a true outlaw story. Can outlaws really be gentlemen?

Exciting and full of adventure, this book topped them all for me. I couldn't wait to see if someone would find them, or they would escape and maybe even feel a little compassion for the criminal himself. Would you? 

We highly recommend this series!! Those tomboy girls will love it!

Thank you to Kregel and Susan for our free copy of this book to read. We were not required or asked to review it positively.

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