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Elizabeth - Camp Club Girls - 4-in-1 Mystery Collection

Camp Club Girls: Elizabeth by [Brumbaugh Green, Renae]
What happens when six girls end up in the not only in the same cabin at summer camp, but are quickly embroiled in intrigue? 

They form a super sleuth ring and call themselves the Camp Club Girls. Each girl uses her special skills—analyzing, spiritual insight, gadgetry, physical skills, research—to help the whole team stump adversaries and master the mysteries they encounter. Join the Camp Club Girls on a series of clue-filled adventures and cheer them on as they crack the case in this entertaining 4-in-1 story collection.

What’s REALLY going on at Camp Discovery Lake? . . . When Alexis, Bailey, Elizabeth, Sydney, McKenzie, and Kate end up as roommates at summer camp, they soon suspect there’s more going on than crafts and Bible quizzes. Will they put the puzzling pieces together before time runs out?

What's so important about a missing bag of marbles? Elizabeth and McKenzie are roped into a mystery as big as Texas, when a strange man shows up in town, asking about a special tip left to a waitress thirty years ago. Will their skills be a match for this mixed-up mystery?

Is foul play to blame for the strange string of unfortunate events that threaten the River City Cruise Boat business? While helping out with ministry activities at the Fiesta Noche Del Rio on the Riverwalk, Kate and Elizabeth investigate! Will the girls reveal the source of the trouble before the River City Cruise Boat business goes bust?

Who's the thief responsible for stealing a valuable Gibson guitar? Elizabeth and Bailey investigate the case in Music City. With only a handful of clues, will the girls be successful in turning up the missing music maker and returning the guitar to its rightful owner?

Join the Camp Club Girls as they find hidden jewels, destroy terrorist plots, uncover intrigue, rescue their friends, and so much more. It’s adventure with a capital A!

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About the Author:
Renae Brumbaugh Green lives in Texas with her handsome country-boy husband, her noisy children, a rowdy dog, and a bunch of chickens and ducks. She's published more than 25 books and a whole bunch of articles. Her favorite color is blue, unless you're talking about nail polish, in which case her favorite color is bubblegum pink. 

My Thoughts:
I decided to check out this book since I have a tween daughter who loves camp and enjoys mysteries. However, she is not much of a reader.  I am hoping the story will entice her to want to read this book regardless of her enjoyment of reading. I read the first chapter to her, just to see if she would like it; she did! We read together since she has some dyslexic struggles and a few of the words seemed a little above her reading skills. We read a little every day, and she was always begging me to keep on going...

Personally, I loved reading Nancy Drew as I was growing up, and this book kind reminds me of her mysteries. Of course, Nancy Drew was a little older than the girls in this book, who are just tweens - the oldest being fourteen. Nonetheless, these girls have no trouble sniffing out a mystery.

The first book in this 4-book combo starts out with the main character, Elizabeth, meeting several other girls at camp. They have a mystery on their hands and they become fast friends as they work together to solve it. It will draw you in from chapter one! As you read the other books in this series, you see that even though they are no longer at camp, the girls continue to be friends and consult with each other on mysterious matters that come up. The book is fun for young girls, contains a thread of faith, friendship, and more. I liked how Scripture was woven throughout, with enough food for thought to be an asset but not really overwhelming.

I do believe girls who enjoy mystery and love to read will like this series. I think it promotes great faith values and friendships. My daughter really enjoyed it, and was so excited about it, she was telling her friends they needed to read it too!

I received a copy of this book from Barbour. I was not asked to write a positive review and all opinions are my own. 

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