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Fascinating Bible Studies on Every Parable by Dr William H. Marty


Jesus knew the power of stories to touch people's hearts, so he used parables to teach his followers about the kingdom of God. If you want to know God better, the keys are in the parables.

This book provides short studies on every parable in the Bible. You'll learn what God wants us to know from the prodigal son, the good Samaritan, the lost sheep, the talents, the sower, and many more.

Each study includes a summary of the parable, the Scripture reference where it can be found, information on the historical and cultural setting, and key points. At the end of each study are questions that open the door to discussion, reflection, or further investigation and help you get to the heart of the parable.

A wonderful tool for small groups or to add variety to your personal devotions. Let these studies draw you nearer to God as they enhance your understanding of his Word.

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Meet the Author:

Dr. William H. Marty taught at Moody Bible Institute for thirty-seven years. His main emphasis was teaching an Old and New Testament survey to freshman at the Chicago campus, and the fruit of his focus on teaching the story line of the Bible was published in The Whole Bible Story. Dr. Marty has also written The World of Jesus and The Jesus Story and coauthored A Quick-Start Guide to the Whole Bible. He lives in Colorado with his wife, Linda, and is an active triathlete.

My Thoughts:

I found this book to be very interesting and useful to do with my children for family devotions. We have used it often for at home Sunday evening "services" since our church is currently only holding Sunday morning service.

I have enjoyed Dr Marty's choice of parables, using even some I didn't consider to be a parable. Each lesson is introduced with a Scripture reading following the title. The the author's takeaway is given as a quote. That is followed by either some cultural background or possibly and overview of the Scripture given in several paragraphs and ending with a reflection section and some optional questions to ponder or discuss. The lesson ends with a memory verse.

I found that for our family devotions in particular the kids enjoyed the reflection time and looking up with Scriptures in form of a Bible drill and answering the questions. 

I would certainly recommend this book for individual, family, or small group use. I was blessed with a copy of this Bible study book courtesy of Bethany House Publishers but not required to write a positive review. 


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